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From the broad product range of our industry segment, we have compiled a reflected selection of technology metals, rare earths and precious metals that are available for purchase by private individuals.

The selection is the result of our decades of experience in trading these raw materials. Not all metals for the industry are suitable as physical assets. We can not guarantee profits, but so would like to establish the chance of profit.

Selection Rare earths

Volatility of Rare Earth

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Price Delevopments
Rare earths

Where Rare Earths are used

Wind energy, photovoltaics and electric motors are increasingly in demand in Germany and worldwide.

However, the availability of the raw materials that are processed here is limited: the supply of dysprosium, neodymium and terbium is classified as critical.

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Volatility of Technology metals

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Price Developments
Technology metals

Where Technology Metals are used

With technology metals as tangible assets, you can profit from the growth of the high-tech industry.

The expansion of the fiber optic network, super-flat OLED screens or ever more powerful computer chips: this progress needs strategic metals.

Volatility of Precious Metals

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Price Developments
Precious Metals

Where Precious Metals are used

Precious metals are essential in a wide range of industries.

Precious metals are best known as jewelry, but they are also used, for example, in high-tech products, catalytic converters and fuel cells.

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