Super Magnets Thanks to Neodymium

neodymium as physical asset

The price development of neodymium, in per cent.

Market Situation

The importance of neodymium for many future technologies is unbroken and still growing. For example, the elevator technology of the One World Trade Center in New York is based on neodymium magnets.

Experts believe that global demand for neodymium will continue to rise steadily.

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properties of neodymium

Neodymium, which is blue-violet as an oxide, is more resistant to corrosion than other rare earth metals. Its pink oxide layer flakes off easily. Unusually, as a metal it is highly flammable and irritating. Its outstanding property also defines its main application: it is strongly magnetic.

applications of neodymium

The magnets made with neodymium generate significantly higher power than conventional magnets in the generators of wind turbines, for example. And since the weight of the units plays a major role in wind turbines, the demand for neodymium is also by far the highest there.