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praseodymium as physical asset

The price development of praseodymium, in per cent.

The continuous growth in magnet production will drive up the demand for praseodymium in the long term. Experts assume that China will not be able to meet the continuing increase in demand on its own. This creates opportunities for new suppliers to enter the market, even at higher prices.

TRADIUM sells praseodymium in kind in oxide form. This has two key advantages: Oxides can be stored almost indefinitely. In addition, every industrial use is based on oxides. The oxide form thus increases the liquidability of the plant.

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Properties of  praseodymium

The silvery-white, paramagnetic metal is a dark brown to black powder in its oxide form. It is slightly more corrosion resistant in air than neodymium, but readily forms a green oxide film that flakes off in air. Like neodymium, it is highly flammable.

Applications of praseodymium

Analogous to neodymium, praseodymium is now mainly used to make permanent magnets. It is very similar to neodymium, which is why it is often used together with neodymium in magnets. It is also used in alloys with magnesium to produce high-strength metal for aircraft engines. Because praseodymium improves UV absorption, it is also used for eye protection lenses (such as welding goggles). Praseodymium compounds are used to color crystal glass green and for ceramic materials with high electrical conductivity.