Technology metals

Almost no invention of the last 20 years gets along without: Technology metals.




In the digital age, almost all processes have switched to computer technology. With the increasing demands on the computing power of computers, the need for high-performance chips is growing. Gallium arsenide is a key raw material for wafers.

Chips made from gallium arsenide wafers can withstand heat up to 200°C. Unlike silicon chips, they therefore do not require complex cooling systems and consume less power. In addition, the electron speed is five times faster, and computing power is thus higher.

LED Technology

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) make it possible: ever flatter home entertainment screens, advertising displays with higher color brilliance, large-area, lightweight display panels and individual room lighting. By means of the semiconductors gallium and indium, LEDs are made to glow in different colors. As semiconductors, gallium and indium also improve luminous efficacy by increasing the conversion of energy into light emission.

It is expected that the market share of LED technology will increase by about eleven percent annually until 2030. It can therefore be assumed that the demand for gallium and indium will also increase, albeit to a lesser extent.

LED Technology


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Solar cells are mostly made of silicon. In recent years, however, so-called thin-film solar cells made of gallium arsenide or cadmium tellurite have captured a certain share of the market.

Thin-film solar cells have many advantages: The energy yield is good even under cloudy skies, and the carrier materials are also more flexible. The expansion of photovoltaics is expected to continue to increase in the coming years. Owners of gallium or tellurium can therefore expect an increasing demand for your tangible asset.

Fiber optic cables

High-speed Internet would not be possible without optical fibers in fiber optic cables. The technology metal germanium ensures that data in fiber optic cables gets from A to B quickly and completely. In 2022, only around seven percent of households in Germany had a fiber optic connection (FTTH).

The development of the 5G network and connected driving also depend on larger data volumes and faster data transfer. The industry’s demand for germanium is therefore likely to increase.

Fiber optic cables


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