Inconspicuous Powder With a Wide Range of Applications: Terbium

terbium as physical asset

The price development of terbium, in per cent.

Market Situation

The future prospects for terbium are similar to those for dysprosium or neodymium. The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research assumes a massive supply gap for terbium in the medium and long term.

TRADIUM sells terbium in kind in oxide form. This has two decisive advantages: Oxides have an almost unlimited storage capacity. In addition, every industrial use is based on oxides. The oxide form thus increases the liquidability of the asset.

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properties of terbium

In its oxide form, the soft heavy metal is a blackish-brown powder. In metal form, terbium is so soft that it can be cut with a knife. Although it is very base, it is relatively stable in air. Terbium occurs mostly in association with other lanthanides.

Applications of Terbium

Terbium is used in the manufacture of semiconductors and serves as an activator for fluorescent phosphors. Together with zirconium dioxide, it works in one of the most important industries of the future: as a stabilizer for high-temperature fuel cells. In addition, the oxide is added to the green phosphor in picture tubes and fluorescent lamps.

Because of its ferromagnetic “talents,” terbium is also suitable for the production of magnetic components: In neodymium-iron-boron magnets in particular, it further enhances performance.