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Become a Link of the supply chain

At TRADIUM, private customers buy industrial raw materials as physical assets.

Use our expertise

You buy directly from the industry supplier with over 20 years of experience. We know the requirements of the industry. So we ensure a good liquidability of your purchased metals.

Seize opportunities

Many industries require technology metals, rare earths and precious metals. Strategic raw materials make innovations fit for the demands of the future. But availability is limited.

Increasing Demand + Limited Availability =
Chances of Increasing your Asset’s Value

applications for strategic metals

Use Industrial Raw Materials

to maintain purchasing power in the portfolio and increase the chance of profit

Some of our products available for physical purchase by private customers.

Our Raw Material Portfolio

For private customers, we have put together a reflected selection of rare earths, technology metals and precious metals from our broad product range.

Inflation Protection Through Commodity Asset

Price development of gallium. An example of inflation protection through strategic metals.

Strategic raw materials serve as alternative assets to diversify the portfolio. Private buyers can potentially balance out losses in this way, as in the case of high inflation.

Understand Physical Assets

Which raw materials are in demand right now? What is happening in the economy? In our blog, we provide interesting facts for buyers and those interested in the topic.

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