Investment Metal, Jewelry and Increasingly in Demand in Electronics: Silver

silver as physical asset

The price development of silver, in per cent.

Market Situation

Among all precious metals, silver has the highest conductivity, color brightness, the best polishability and the best reflectivity. Silver is becoming increasingly popular as a financial investment; it is considered stable in value and crisis-proof. The current annual production is about 25,000 tons. The largest producer is Mexico with a share of just under 20 percent, followed by Peru with 16 percent and China with 13 percent.

A strong expansion in demand is expected, especially for e-mobility. Compared to combustion engines, hybrid or e-cars require up to three times more silver. So the more solar energy and e-cars are produced in the future, the stronger the demand for precious and industrial metal will increase.

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properties of silver

Along with gold, silver is one of the best-known representatives of the investment metals. The metal is often processed into jewelry, but is also increasingly in demand in industry. Silver already served as an important means of exchange and payment in ancient times. Sometimes it was even more valuable than gold. Silver has been mined and processed since the 5th century BC.

applications of silver

Silver is gaining importance alongside private buyers and the jewelry industry with ever new industrial applications. In 2021, industry was responsible for over 60 percent of global demand. One of the most promising future applications is in photovoltaics, which is important for achieving climate targets. Almost 14 percent of the total demand for silver can be attributed to the production of solar modules. The reason for this is that silver is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat.