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The Advantages of Strategic Metalls

Why add strategic commodities to the portfolio? 

The physical purchase of strategic raw materials can have several reasons and offer several advantages. Three are central to the potential of strategic commodities as an alternative asset:

High Volatility

Extreme price increases can, for contextual reasons, act as an inflationary adjustment. However, they also simply mean that there is a chance of significant profits.


At TRADIUM, private customers buy raw materials in the same way as industrial customers: as physical goods. The raw materials have material value and are thus less susceptible to crises.

Free traded

The price of commodities is regulated by supply and demand. These alternative assets pragmatically offer independence from stock exchanges and banks.

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Growing Demand

Demand for high-tech products is rising. Globally, people are buying more and more end devices per person.

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The world’s population is growing by about one percent per year. Emerging economies are becoming wealthy, technology-hungry industrialized nations. The bottom line is millions of new customers that the industry wants to serve.

Even more, climate change and legislative changes are leading to growing interest in green solutions. E-mobility, wind energy and solar energy require strategic metals, especially rare earths.

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Limited Availability

Industries need strategic metals. But they are often dependent on the production of other materials and difficult to separate.

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Strategic metals often occur as by-products in the production of other raw materials. They are therefore dependent on their production. They also have to be separated in a complex process. This makes their production extremely complicated and expensive, resulting in lower production volumes.

For example, gallium is a by-product of aluminum production. It is not economical to produce gallium if the resulting aluminum is not in demand. The availability of gallium therefore depends on and is limited by the demand for aluminum.

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fragile supply chains

The availability of rare earths is massively dependent on China. Recycling is uneconomical for the foreseeable future.

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China has a quasi-monopoly on many strategic raw materials. Changes in trade policy or a pandemic can quickly lead to a shortage.

At the same time, recycling strategic metals is complicated, expensive and thus currently uneconomical. In addition, this reduces the purity of the raw material, which makes it uninteresting or even irrelevant for industrial use.

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= Chance of Profits for private commodity buyers

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Applications for Strategic Metals

Rare earths, technology metals and precious metals are exciting as physical assets because of the industries that rely on them. We have compiled basic information on the most relevant processing sectors of our raw materials to help you make a purchase decision with an understanding of physical assets.
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Understand Physical Assets

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