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Necessary for jewelry, but also many industries: Precious metals




More and more areas of daily life are becoming electronic. Home office, Internet of things (IOT), autonomous driving, cloud services. All these technologies require enormous computing capacities. This requires ever more powerful computer chips.

However, performance increases in this area are often only possible through the use of technology and precious metals – such as silver for fast connections or ruthenium for miniaturizing circuits.

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells, which generate energy from hydrogen and oxygen by means of electrolysis, are considered to be one of the hopes of the mobility revolution. Their use is particularly likely for larger vehicles such as trains or ships, which are currently mostly powered by diesel.

The efficiency of a fuel cell depends crucially on the quality of the catalyst. According to current research, iridium and platinum are the best materials available. The two metals are also used in electrolyzers. The aim here is to produce green hydrogen (power-to-gas).

fuel cells

brennstoffzellen fahrzeug

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Despite the growing success of electric vehicles, automobiles with internal combustion engines account for over 90 percent of new registrations. They all require a catalytic converter. In industry, many processes will continue to rely on catalysts as reaction media in the future.

Demand for precious metals for this purpose therefore remains high. At the same time, however, production of palladium or rhodium, for example, cannot be increased at will. Crises and wars can even reduce the supply on the world market.


Jewelry made of gold and silver are in demand worldwide. But platinum and palladium jewelry is also enjoying growing popularity. Since time immemorial, these easily malleable metals have been used for this purpose. In times of crisis, precious rings, necklaces or watches have also repeatedly been used as “hard currency”.

Currently, especially the countries of Southeast Asia and India are in the focus of the industry. The increasing prosperity, in connection with the traditional attachment to precious metals, lets the jewelry manufacturers hope for good sales in the coming years.



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