Fast Fiber Optic Internet Thanks to Germanium

Germanium as physical asset

The price development of germanium, in per cent.

Market Situation

Supply bottlenecks are predicted for germanium: The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research anticipates a significant increase in germanium demand by 2030 due to new high-tech developments.

In the fiber optic cable application area, germanium demand is expected to increase eightfold. A significant increase in demand, which could be synonymous with a serious price increase.

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properties of Germanium

Germanium is one of the rarest metals on earth. The shiny silver element melts at just under 940 °C and boils at 2,820 °C. According to the latest definition, germanium is considered a semiconductor. Its density anomaly never ceases to amaze scientists: the density of germanium in the solid state is lower than in the liquid state, so the metal weighs more in the liquid state than in the solid state. The inert technology metal is widely used, but only ever occurs in very low concentrations.

applications of Germanium

For a long time, Germanium was the leading material in electronics. Today, it is mainly used in fiber optics and is an essential component of modern communication technology. Germanium can also be used for the production of optics with infrared transmission. It is therefore indispensable for the production of night vision devices and thermal imaging cameras.

Germanium is also used in semiconductors, recyclable PET bottles, high-performance processors, detectors for X-rays and photovoltaics.