The Miracle Cure for Higher Computing Power: Gallium

Gallium as physical asset

The price development of gallium, in per cent.

Market Situation

Gallium is one of the critical raw materials, i.e. it is of high economic relevance, but its availability is limited. Gallium is therefore ideally suited for alternative assets. The global production capacity of the rare metal is currently around 720 tons per year and is considered to be exhausted.

Demand is rising continuously: For foreseeable technical innovations up to 2030, the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research assumes that global demand will be six times higher than current global production of gallium.

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properties of Gallium

Gallium is a shimmering silver metal that stands out due to its fascinating contradictoriness: It melts and contracts at just over room temperature (29.8 °C). However, the boiling point of the raw material is extremely high: Gallium only begins to boil at 2,403 °C.

applications of Gallium

Gallium has many exciting applications. These include semiconductors, solar systems, electrical engineering and LEDs. LEDs are increasingly being used worldwide, the photovoltaic industry is growing, and sales of mobile high-tech devices such as notebooks and cell phones are rising. A real boom in gallium is the result.

The raw material is also used in permanent magnets, which are important for electric vehicles and wind turbines. Of lesser economic importance, but far better known, is its use in clinical thermometers as a substitute for toxic mercury.