The Booster for Electric Motors: Dysprosium

Dysprosium as physical asset

The price development of dysprosium, in per cent.

Market Situation

Although the industry has been trying for years to reduce the proportion, for example in the alloy for high-performance magnets, dysprosium is considered irreplaceable in many areas of application.

As the annual production volume is only around 500 tons, there is a risk of supply bottlenecks for dysprosium in the long term.

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Properties of Dysprosium

The silver-gray heavy metal is ductile and bendable. It is very base and therefore very reactive: It oxidizes in air, is attacked in water, and dissolves in dilute acid. In its oxide form it is a beige-yellow powder.

applications of Dysprosium

Dysprosium, similar to neodymium, has strong magnetic properties. For example, dysprosium is a component of permanent magnets, which must still function at high temperatures.

It is used as a shielding agent for nuclear reactors and is processed in energy-saving lamps. It is also used in the production of laser materials, glass and halogen lamps.