Rare Earths

Wind energy, catalysts, metallurgy – rare earths are diverse.

Wind energy

Wind energy

Wind turbines have been shaping landscapes for several decades, especially near the coast. They are a cornerstone of a greener energy supply. A permanent magnet for use in a wind turbine requires several hundred kilograms of rare earths.

Unless there are significant technological advances that make the use of rare earths obsolete, the demand for rare earths will continue to grow in the coming years.


Strong magnets with a small volume are of enormous importance for electric cars and e-bikes. The range of models is constantly growing. At the same time, environmental protection and fast cars are not incompatible variables: Porsche launched its first electric model in 2020.

The room for market growth is enormous in electric mobility: Only 13 percent of cars sold worldwide in 2022 will be electric, and the growth figures are enormous.


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Despite the growing success of electric vehicles, combustion engines will still be permitted for many years to come. They all require a catalyst. In the chemical industry, too, many processes rely on catalysts as reaction media.

It is well known that precious metals are used for catalysts. But catalysts are also an area of application for rare earths. They are an important alloy component for achieving the desired properties in the metal.


In addition to the best-known use of rare earths in metallurgy, namely neodymium in wind power plants, other metals are also found in alloys. Dysprosium, for example, is also found in supermagnets, albeit in much smaller quantities. Praseodymium is added to alloys as a corrosion inhibitor.

With the help of rare earths, the ceramics industry achieves better homogeneity in its products and influences the coloration. Neodymium, for example, makes for stronger colors. Some of the rare earths are also found in laser crystals.



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